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faith and finances: a 21ST century biblical guide for growing, protecting, and using your money


Faith and Finances is a timely and much-needed exposition on the subject of money. The author entertains by poking fun at the absurdity of today’s world, while providing hope through his own spiritual and financial journey…. I believe this book will stand the test of time. So, if you’re seeking a healthy, biblical relationship with money, look no further! I highly recommend Faith and Finances to the rich, the poor, and everyone in between.” -Douglas Jacoby, D.Min., M.T.S.

“It is a joy to commend Patrick Blair’s book Faith and Finances…. This book is the best I’ve ever read on the subject of money from a Christian perspective…. It is my prayer that this book will be used by many individual Christians to guide their financial lives and by many churches and ministry groups within churches to help their members handle money in effective, spiritual ways. This book will change lives!” -Gordon Ferguson, M.T.S.

“After getting to know more about Patrick, I realized that his background as an attorney and his long history of service to the church made him the perfect person to write this modern, up-to-date guide about Christian finances…. With this book and an open heart, Christians can become wise, financially successful and generous. The well-rounded, analytical style of the book will appeal to both your logic and your faith.” -Greg Garcia, C.P.A., J.D.

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